The past couple of years has shown us the importance of resilience and adaptability, both in our personal lives and with the way we run our businesses. As we begin to emerge in this new era, professionals are demanding a more flexible work environment of their employer. But because firms were thrust into the remote world without warning or preparation, most aren’t designed to embrace and sustain a virtual firm environment in the long term. With the right frameworks, tools, and mindset, however, anyone can build a successful and rewarding virtual practice.

Whether you are a seasoned firm owner, an employee thinking about work-life balance, or starting your future-focused firm, this course describes the fundamentals of how to build a virtual and remote firm so that it yields the results both firm leaders and employees are looking for: productivity, wellness, profit, camaraderie, and purpose. 

Over the course of three modules, including ten detailed sections with additional resources, you’ll learn about legal considerations, operations, finances, technology, branding, marketing, managing clients and staff, and creating a strong culture, all from the perspective of how to manage a successful virtual business.