Hybrid Practice: The Importance of Creating a Values-Based Culture 1.0 AIA CEU

A Values-Based Culture lays the foundation to building a firm that is resilient and sustainable over time.



The foundation to creating a practice that is adaptable to whatever the world throws your way is by intentionally developing a values-based culture. Good culture encourages respectful relationships where everyone knows and is excited about the common goals, they are working toward enabling the firm’s success.

The culture of a firm is akin to its fingerprint. It is its sole differentiator, the only thing that no other firm cannot replicate. Culture becomes the largest determinant for whether individuals choose to stay, how they show up each day, and how engaged they are in the work they do.

This Course will identify tactful ways to help you rebuild or drive a values-based culture within your firm.

Learning Objectives
  1. Understand the importance of creating a values-based culture while transitioning the workplace to one that is more flexible post-Covid.
  2. Know how to benchmark the firm’s existing culture and any gaps that may exist between how leadership and everyone else views the firm.
  3. Tactics to build and maintain a process that helps a firm’s culture evolves and remains adaptable through a crisis.
  4. Explore ways to simultaneously build culture and while allowing employees to have a more flexible workday.

Your Instructor

Evelyn Lee
Evelyn Lee

Evelyn Lee, FAIA | MBA | MPA
Evelyn is the Founder of the Practice of Architecture. A licensed architect in the state of California, Evelyn has over 15 years of experience working with individuals and companies that are looking to reshape their future.

She is a featured keynote speaker, panelist, and moderator at national conferences and symposiums. Her topics focus on developing knowledge leadership, organizational change management, capacity building, stakeholder engagement, and strategic approaches to put design thinking to work in life and in practice. She also serves on the advisory council to ZeroSixty, an accelerator for the AEC Industry, and is the first female Treasurer to AIA National‘s Board.

When not working on the Practice of Architecture, Evelyn works as the first-ever Senior Experience Designer at Slack Technologies.

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  Hybrid Practice: The Importance of Creating a Values-Based Culture
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